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Main Features of the BitLQ App



BitLQ utilizes modern trading technologies to help investors access and exploit the best opportunities in the digital assets market. The app’s powerful algorithms track the ebb and flow of the markets to identify the best entry and exit points based on multiple technical indicators. BitLQ is also integrated with AI, which helps in analyzing fundamental and sentimental trends in the crypto markets so as to expose the best opportunities in real-time. The data insights provided in real-time help crypto traders consistently make smart and informed trading decisions at all times. You do not need prior experience in online trading to get started with the BitLQ app so sign up now and get started.



BitLQ was designed to provide maximum trading support to investors of all levels. The app allows crypto traders to adjust assistance and autonomy levels to match their trading needs. New traders can simply trade with the optimized default settings, whereas more experienced traders can alter the settings to explore the different functionality levels of the app. The ultimate aim of BitLQ is to provide enough relevant data to empower investors to make the best trading decisions in the market in real-time. The BitLQ app has a user-friendly interface that is highly intuitive. It can be easily navigated by all levels of investors to ensure it meets their crypto trading goals.



In the relatively nascent cryptocurrency market, there are numerous sources of risk. This makes security a key concern for many investors. At BitLQ, we have implemented all possible measures to provide a safe and secure environment for investors to trade their favorite crypto coins and tokens with maximum peace of mind. All our web pages are SSL-encrypted to ensure that your personal and financial information is never compromised at any given time. Additionally, BitLQ offers a secure and transparent trading environment. When you trade cryptocurrencies with BitLQ, your concern is your trading activity, while we take care of everything else.

Open a Free BitLQ Account and Make Your First Crypto Trade

Cryptocurrencies are now largely considered mainstream investment vehicles, enjoying some sort of legitimacy compared to their early years. Still, many investors remain skeptical of this new and exciting space. BitLQ aims to provide a simple and straightforward way of accessing the lucrative crypto markets. The BitLQ homepage is neat and uncluttered. There is a conspicuous button that provides quick access to registration, ensuring that new clients can start trading cryptocurrencies within just a few minutes. BitLQ also has a web-based interface that is accessible with full functionality on all types of mobile and desktop devices.
Cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile assets, which makes them relatively riskier to trade. But BitLQ delivers valuable data-driven insights to traders in real-time, highlighting the best opportunities that can be traded with as minimal risk exposure as possible. Furthermore, BitLQ users can adjust the assistance and autonomy levels of the app to achieve their desired level of trading control.

BitLQ Trading

BitLQ - BitLQ Trading

Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency, was launched in late 2008 as the potential future of money. While it remains to be seen whether Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies will replace fiat, it is clear that they now represent digital stores of value. As a case, the value of Bitcoin was less than $1 in its early days, but it has already printed a high of around $70,000. On a broader case, cryptocurrencies have outperformed every other asset class in the short time they have existed.
The crypto opportunity is getting bigger and bigger, but we cannot ignore the risks in this space. BitLQ is intended to be used as a reliable trading assistant that will help you avoid or minimize these risks. The app delivers valuable data-driven insights that will help crypto traders make smart and informed trading decisions in the market at all times. Consistently making the right trading decisions can help traders limit their risks in the crypto markets over the long run.

BitLQ - Is this the Right Time to Trade Cryptocurrencies with BitLQ?

Is this the Right Time to Trade Cryptocurrencies with BitLQ?

Yes, it is! Cryptocurrencies have emerged as very lucrative assets that no investor worth their salt can afford to leave out of their portfolio. Beyond the major cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are now thousands of other altcoins that fall into various categories such as DeFi coins, exchange & lending coins, ‘meme’ coins, NFTs, and even stable coins. They all have different characteristics and provide investors with diverse opportunities. BitLQ allows traders to stay on top of the best opportunities in the broad crypto arena and empowers them with vital data insights that will help them make smart and informed trading decisions at all times.




You can get started with BitLQ in just a few minutes. Sign up by filling out the registration form which is located on the BitLQ official website. We only require basic personal information including your name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. Submit the filled-out form and activate your trading account by confirming your email address.



With your trading account activated, you can now deposit funds that you will use as your capital to trade cryptocurrencies. You can deposit from as low as £250 to get started. Cryptocurrencies are very volatile assets, and you should consider your personal financial situation as well as your investment goals to determine the optimal amount to start trading with.



After depositing funds into your account, you can now start trading cryptocurrencies using BitLQ. The app will provide you with valuable data-driven insights that will help you identify and exploit high probability opportunities in the crypto markets. BitLQ also allows traders to adjust assistance and autonomy levels and can conveniently be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices.

BitLQ - What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

What is the Bitcoin Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network is a second layer added to the main Bitcoin network to allow users to transact quickly and cheaply.

It was first proposed in 2015 by two community researchers and has been growing and developing ever since. As the popularity of Bitcoin grew, the cryptocurrency started facing a scalability issue. Extensive mining activity within the Bitcoin blockchain led to longer transaction processing times and higher costs.

The Lightning Network was developed to address these issues so as to build scalability, lower transaction fees, and reduce processing times. Using the Lightning Network, users would be able to create channels and transact with each other ‘off-chain’ (outside the main bitcoin blockchain). The Lightning Network processes off-chain transactions quickly and with much fewer energy requirements than on-chain transactions.

To put this into perspective, the main Bitcoin blockchain processes about 10 transactions per second, whereas the Lightning Network has the capability of processing millions of transactions per second. Bitcoin has evolved to become an investment vehicle, but with the Lightning Network, it has the potential to operate as an efficient means of exchange as envisioned in its original whitepaper.

Aside from faster transactions and fewer energy requirements, the Lightning Network also facilitates smart contracts to ensure that funds reach recipients. Once a Lightning Network channel is open, users can transfer funds between each other as much as they want instantly. The network was designed to enhance the faster transfer of micropayments - the type of transactions that miners can avoid on the main blockchain due to low fees. Only the opening and closing transactions of a channel will be recorded on the main blockchain.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Lightning Network?

BitLQ - What are the Pros and Cons of the Lightning Network?

What are the Pros and Cons of the Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network promises to solve the scalability issues of Bitcoin, but it is not without its challenges.

The Lightning Network's major benefit is the speed at which it processes payments. As a second layer of the Bitcoin network, there is no need to wait for nodes to confirm and add blocks to the main blockchain network. The Lightning Network also facilitates the quick completion of smart contracts via a multi-signature wallet between users. On the Lightning Network, there are also no concerns about minimum transaction amounts or relatively higher fees for low payment amounts.

The Lightning Network is still connected to the main Bitcoin blockchain, ensuring that transactions can still be made in a safe and secure manner. Furthermore, transactions are even more private because they are only added to the blockchain when everything has already been completed and signed for.

However, the Lightning Network lacks offline support. Both users need to be online for the Lightning Network to work smoothly. If one party is offline, the other party that is still online on the payment channel can breach trust and steal funds. The network has also had some development mishaps, with some cases of bugs leading to ‘stuck’ funds. These stuck funds can take a lot of time to recover because higher priority on the Bitcoin Network is accorded to valid transactions. The Lightning Network has also had compatibility issues. To enjoy its benefits, you must have a compatible wallet, which may mean extra costs to a Bitcoin user.


1How Do I Start Trading Cryptocurrencies BitLQ?

It is simple and straightforward. Just locate the sign-up form on the official website of BitLQ and fill it out with basic information such as your name, email address, phone number, and country of residence. After successful registration, fund your account with a trading capital of at least £250. Proceed to activate the BitLQ app and start receiving valuable data-driven insights that will help you make smart and informed trading decisions in the crypto markets.

2Which Devices Can I Use When Trading with the BitLQ App?

BitLQ features a web-based interface that allows for flexible and convenient trading on both mobile and desktop devices. The app can be accessed with full functionality on any internet-connected browser. You will just require a single login credential to access BitLQ across all your devices such as laptops, tablets, desktops, or any mobile devices. You can switch between your devices simultaneously and enjoy trading even while on the go!

3Who Can Use BitLQ to Trade Cryptocurrencies?

BitLQ has been designed to meet the different trading needs of diverse traders. Regardless of your level of investing skill, knowledge, or experience, you can use BitLQ to track and exploit quality trading opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets. The app also supports different customizations to help both new and experienced traders to explore different assistance and autonomy levels.

4How Much Does BitLQ Cost?

It is free to join and start trading BitLQ. There are no hidden costs, no registration fees, no commissions, and no upsells. After signing up to join BitLQ, simply make a minimum capital deposit of £250 and start receiving data-driven insights in real-time. BitLQ does not also charge deposit or withdrawal fees.

5How Much Profit Can I Earn with the BitLQ App?

BitLQ does not provide any profit guarantees. The app is simply a trading aid and not a get-rich-quick scheme. When you trade with BitLQ, you receive valuable data-driven insights in real-time that will help you trade better in the crypto markets. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile assets, and you will be exposed to considerable risk when trading them. It is important to assess your personal financial situation and investing goals before starting to trade cryptocurrencies.

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